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Sabtu, 28 Februari 2009

My 1st love poem : HOPE

This is my 1st love poem.
I had wrote it since form 4 (2006)..
Urmm, at 29 January 2009, I gave this poem to my beloved one...
Unfortunately, our relationship not longer...
We had break it on last week at 17 February 2009.. :-(

Closed your eyes,
Don't you see my day,
When you bless,
I just drift away,
Lover dreaming a shade,
So happy when dreaming of you,
But as the dark shadows fade,
Love slips away when I love you,
Thought we always be apart,
Locked forever in a dream,
I always miss you day and night,
Even then,nothing will change my aim.

You're my soul and my love heaven,
I hope it will be happen.

Original created by;
BidADaRi kEciL MuSTikA

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