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Ahad, 5 Julai 2009

gurl cry

read this...........Girls Cry Because.....

They're Mad
They're Sad
They're Scared
They're Nervous
They're Frustrated
They're Missing someone
They're Alone
They're PMSing
They're Pregnant
They're tired of abusive relationships
They've ������� taken it from behind too much
They're tired of boys that cheat on them
Their Heart Is broken
They're in love
They're on their period
Their souls have been torn
They met a boy they cant have
They feel cheated
They fell in love with a boy
They hurt so bad inside
They feel unloved

BOYS!!!: If any girl you know is crying, and you see them, don't just stand there like an butt and say you're sorry, hold them, kiss them, and tell them everything will be ok, even if you have no idea what is wrong with them. Girls go through more drama than you can imagine! Girls just want to be held and know that someone cares about them.

Girls: Repost this if you're tired of dealing with the drama, and you're sick of putting up with the non-sence!

Boys: Repost if you're a loving, caring, sensitive guy, who hates to see a girl hurt like this and you hate to see a girl cry!

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